Become A Beach Hemp Jewelry Affiliate

Posted by Sara Self on

Ready to get paid in $$ when you share in person, online on social media, and on community bulletin boards. Don't wait, its easy to start today! ​

How much do you get paid? 10% of every sale. 

Who can participate? Anyone can become an affiliate today.What matters as an affiliate is your willingness to share your promo code along with photos of your jewelry or shop order.​

When can I start sharing? After you sign up, Immediately!​

What is different about this affiliate program? You can ear real $$ with payment every week (that you earn sales in). Your earning potential is unlimited. 

  • Create real time invoices via the website to send to potential buyers.
  • Ability to make your own social media promo codes.
  • Track your sales, earnings, and payments.
  • Earn $$ when you refer a new sales rep and they make a sale!
  • Send wholesale offers to potential shop owners. 
  • Your own unique dashboard and sales sheet.

Click this link to sign up today. Check your email for an activation link and instructions.