Roach Clip Care

Posted by Sara Self on

Hemp is a very strong natural fiber. When I first started researching hemp I learned that George Washington, the first President of the United States, grew hemp. He considered commercializing hemp for clothes and other goods but found other more profitable cash crops at the time. With the legalization of CBD Oil across America, I realize that there may be new, fresh faces interested in well hemp, all aspects of it. And well this may be your first time hearing about hemp jewelry or perhaps you are like me and you have been wearing hemp jewelry all your life. Either way I wanted to share a few ways you can care for your hemp jewelry wrap to either keep it fresh or make it more suitable to your needs. Let me discuss what I have found in twenty years of wearing it and you can share your thoughts and comments at the bottom if you have another way that you care for your hemp jewelry, I would love to hear about it.
The quality of your roach clip will be maintained by preventing it from getting wet. Both the clip part and the hemp cord should be refrained from any moisture. Many people think you can wear hemp jewelry in the water. For over all long care of your hemp jewelry, I would say try not to get it wet if you can help it. I have tried both taking off my jewelry before getting in anything water related and I have tried wearing the jewelry. The more you get your hemp jewelry wet, the softer the hemp will become For example I made two hemp wrap anklets at the  end of July (this year) and a few days ago I decided I should replace them because the hemp had gotten too soft for my liking from constant wear in the water.